Workplace Safety Insurance and Appeals

Our Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) practice group provides unparalleled legal expertise to our clients in the handling of claims that involve accident benefits, tort, and WSIB. Our co-chairs, Jennifer Griffiths and Tanya Zigomanis, have combined experience of over 20 years in the area, with Tanya having practiced as Tribunal Counsel for the Workplace Safety Insurance and Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT) before joining the firm in 2008.

We have successfully represented insurer clients before both WSIAT and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. We also frequently present on the interface between WSIB, tort, and accident benefits – and enjoy helping our insurer clients with training on identifying and handling WSIB claims, whether from an accident benefits or a tort perspective.

A selected list of decisions includes

WSIAT Decision No 2177/18

WSIAT Decision No. 2178/18

2010 ONWSIAT 1042

WSIAT Decision No. 1785/04

WSIAT Decision No. 455/17

WSIAT Decision No. 385/16

WSIAT Decision No. 2239/09



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