Simplified Procedure

In January 2020, the updated  Rules of Civil Procedure eliminated juries for plaintiff’s suing for $200,000 or less and streamlined trial processes. The ZTGH Simplified Procedure team is prepared for the new trial regime.

Under the objective of relieving the trial backlog and creating an expedient, cost-effective system, the Simplified Procedure will require counsel to be efficient with discoveries and experts, and run well-organized trials. At ZTGH, we have a team trained and ready to assist our clients in defending these claims.

Our practice group co-chairs Jonathan Schrieder and Suzanne Clarke, have extensive experience in tort MVA work.  Jonathan has conducted over 80 trials and arbitrations in his career. Suzanne has been second chair in a trial and has provided support to ZTGH lawyers during trial. To contact our group please email [email protected]

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