Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence is a unique tort that requires an in depth understanding of the standard of care for each profession, regulatory bodies and industry standards. At ZTGH, we assist individuals, sole proprietorships and corporations in litigation matters arising from professional negligence and breach of professional standard.

Our team of lawyers has served clients facing professional negligence allegations in the fields of health care, accounting, engineering, architecture, directors, as well as property management by using early-stage/proactive litigation tools such as summary judgment motions.We retain and work with experts from the outset of the action to effectively grasp technical and complex issues, unique to the knowledge and skill set of a professional and we have a dedicated program which allows for the continual input and exchange of information and reporting to the professional at every stage of the litigation.

We pride ourselves in finding fast and effective solutions for our clients to minimize litigation costs and assist in preserving professional reputation. Our team also advises insurers on coverage issues relating to regulated professionals. For more information on our professional negligence group, please contact one of the practice group co-chairs David Zarek and Shanti Barclay.

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