Pollution Group

The Pollution Group at ZTGH handles claims dealing with environmental issues caused by leaks, explosions, collisions, ground and water flow and faulty equipment/containment.  They have worked on cases involving residential contamination through oil spills, gas leaks and mould, commercial and industrial clean ups involving every kind of pollutant from toxic waste to asbestos. ZTGH has represented several insurers throughout the Class Action process including the Sunrise Propane explosion and the Downsview Waste overflow. The pollution group also represents geotechnical engineers when sued in negligence. Their knowledge surrounding the liability and damage issues recurrent in pollution cases expands to include a concrete understanding of the TSSA, CSA and EPA. We have had a solid working relationship with the MOECC in taking a cooperative approach to the cleanup and resolution of these claims.  The group is comprised of lawyers who have property loss experience and enjoy the challenges working on complex cases whether for an insurer or a defendant or in a subrogated capacity. 

For more information about our Pollution Group, please contact our chair, Shanti Barclay at [email protected].

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