Diversity and Inclusion at ZTGH

At ZTGH, we believe that it is important to foster a company culture where every voice is welcome, heard and respected. Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee is committed to the following mandate: 

1.To assist in  creating an open and safe workspace for all of our employees and partners.

2.To develop and communicate an inclusion and diversity strategy that aligns with firm values

3.To act as an advisory committee to the partnership and the firm on policies and practices that relate to our inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace including recruitment, hiring practices, retention, and advancement.

4.To educate ourselves on current reports, studies and statistics on diversity and inclusion practices in the legal profession.

5.To source and recommend training opportunities for lawyers and staff on issues relating to diversity and inclusion particularly the EDI requirements for lawyers.

6.To coordinate and plan initiatives that develop diversity and inclusion awareness 1) internally at the firm 2) to the legal profession 3)to our clients whether this is through education, external events, social media and/or web presence

7.To take a leadership role in internal firm community or charitable events that relate to diversity and inclusion.

8.To support and encourage diverse voices and allyship in the fight to end systemic discrimination.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee members are: Suzanne Clarke, Shanti Barclay, Alex Reyes, Sonya Katrycz, Alexander Dos Reis, Hooman Zadegan, Brendan Sheehan, Dakota Forster, Kasia Kosacka, Melinda Baxter, Shannon Wood, Justine Lee Young, Yalda Aziz, Kevin Lin, Lauren Kolarek,   and Stan Byrne